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28 Dec 2014
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My Healing Path: Episode 4 – Liberated Joy

This episode is part of a series of podcasts with Walker Whelan and host Bonnie Neer on ‘The Bonnie Lama Podcast Series’, which explore how to deepen your personal relationship with the Divine, and find peace in what is.

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Where the East meets the West, where the sun rises and sets, there is a place only your heart knows. 

The Bonnie Lama presents a series on your Personal Divine.

Hi, thanks for joining me. I’m Bonnie, bringing you a series on your Personal Divine. Rumi, the Sufi mystic wrote, “When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” 

What is joy? Think about it. What does it mean to you? How would it feel? As we awaken to a divine relationship in our life words like love, bliss, and joy begin to have a deeper meaning as we deepen our experience in life. 

Here with me today is Walker Whelan, an energetic healer and seer, who will share his experience with Liberated Joy now that he is awakened. 

Bonnie: Now this might put you on the spot, but to you, what does Joy feel like? 

Walker: Liberated Joy is just laughing for no reason. That’s the kind of joy that comes to mind. 

Bonnie: So it’s sort of like being a child, that freedom of expression.

Walker: Children naturally have joy and they move out of it as they get older. And its because of the high vibration when the cells are new and the vibration is high, its naturally joyful. So this Liberation brings back that high vibration, that child-like joy.

Bonnie: Well its really hard to imagine having that much freedom within your experience. you know, within your mind, that much spaciousness that you could feel joy during the day without having to get tickets for Disneyland and think, “Oh, I’m gonna have Joy there.” Ya know? Or, “I’ll experience Joy when I’m mountain biking.” But to actually to be able to experience Joy in traffic, you know? Right? 

Walker: The thing with this kind of Liberated Joy is that it moves into everything. Even your anger. Even sadness. It moves into all the emotions so that at the very core of the vibration is a sense of Joy and peace. People don’t understand that when you lose Joy, you lose enthusiasm for life and you start to grasp towards addictions that have temporary satisfaction. If you don’t have Joy then that’s… either that or you will suppress those needs and be depressed. Joy is one of the key components of living a fulfilled life. So there’s lots of benefits to a liberated soul. 

Bonnie: I know that up till now I don’t think I’ve been doing it. I’ve been getting a “C-“ maybe, when you consider what Joy would be at an A+. Wow. 

You know some of the sacred images come to mind. The images where there’s a look of pathos on a god’s face, and yet also there’s a peaceful, joyful kind of quality to them too. And I guess I’ve always thought, “Well that’s them.,” but I don’t know that I would ever think that I could feel that way. 

Walker: That’s part of what humanity is suffering with, its that not very many of us feel special. Because we’re being excluded from something or we don’t have the life we want. The thing with the Liberations is that it brings in a sense that everything’s alright, just the way it is. 

Bonnie: You are special.

Walker: And it does get better.

Bonnie: It seems as if the more that you actually experience feeling special, the better special becomes and the better everything becomes. It sort of opens the infinite experience. And it also allows, I think, it also makes it easier to believe. You know it sort of births a new understanding of what belief, and faith, and divine can be. As you lift the lid on yourself, it lifts with you. 

I’m glad you mentioned the specialness because there’s so much in our world we take and sort of harvest as unworthiness, and shame sometimes too, convert experiences that we’ve had that just confirm to us that we don’t deserve something, or that we’re bad. But there really isn’t… doesn’t seem to be that kind of judgement in the divine construction. 

Walker: Well everything goes back to emptiness. So you take all your charges, all your thoughts, all your feelings, and they run their course and then they drop down into emptiness and silence and a deep state of peace, a deep state of inner Joy. And from that place there’s nothing wrong. There’s no feeling of, “I have to get something. I have to get somewhere. I need something. It’s just…everything’s good. You start to look through the divine’s eyes and they become your eyes eventually. 

Bonnie: Would you say that was the divine perspective?

Walker: The divine, the divine perspective.

Bonnie: Do you feel special? Or are you living in separation and scarcity, experiencing only the duality? Specialness seems to be at the center of awakening to your personal divine. It liberates you to move beyond the discovery of divine and into a revelation of what unconditional love and Joy means. 

I hope you will continue to join me and go deeper in our exploration and sharing of divine experience. 

For more information on Walker Whelan his weekend workshops and free-to-the-public Friday evening events, go to

With gratitude, the Bonnie Lama Podcasts offer thoughtful conversations and personal discoveries to those who are in search of healing. 

28 Oct 2014
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14 Oct 2014
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My Healing Path: Episode 3 – Devotion

This episode is part of a series of podcasts with Walker Whelan and host Bonnie Neer on ‘The Bonnie Lama Podcast Series’, which explore how to deepen your personal relationship with the Divine, and find peace in what is.


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Where the east meets the west. Where the sun rises, and sets. There is a place, only your heart knows. The Bonnie Lama presents a series on your Personal Divine.

In the twelfth century, Rumi, the sufi poet wrote, Today, like every other day, we wake up, empty and frightened. Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading, take down a musical instrument, let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

Here with me today is Walker Whelan, an energetic healer and seer. Channeling the significance of devotional practice and the many ways of inviting the sacred into your daily lives.

B: So, in our current culture, devotion is not connected to that adoration, or the gratitude.

W: When you adore the divine, the diving adores you. Everything you bring forth to the divine gets magnified back to you. And that creates a dynamic magnetism. When you start to create magnetism towards relationship, and even into adoration. Adoration is the highest form of devotion.

It gets easier to be devotional the more you engage with the divine. It becomes natural, to give thanks, the more we practice. Like anything you do regularly, you get better at it. You get more in shape if you work out everyday, same with your personal practice. You get more connected, you develop that relationship.

B: So, we talked about altars. And having one in your home, channeling the divine through it, so it has a relationship with you, it has meaning.

W: The altar is like a gateway, so it’s your personal gateway. However you may set it up, it’s your direct link. And, start a prayer book.  Prayer books are amazing, because you can track the progression, you can see when you pray, it’s good to put a time and a date, you can see what you pray for, is it manifesting. And if you put your prayer book on your altar, every time you access the gateway to the divine, it feeds the prayers.

So you start building those experiences, prayers, and then seeing the prayers manifest, then you become faithful and devotional. Because you know it’s really working. Then you can become more dedicated, because you know it works. And it’s natural to want to thank divine energy, say, okay divine, take care of all the details of my life. I’m really wanting to bring you in more, and experience your divine presence, please help me. When you ask for help, it’s a very vulnerable place to be. So the more you can ask for help from the divine the better actually. It’s not giving up your power, it’s empowering you to the divine.

B: Now, you went to India to learn all of this. And in India, they have a deeply devotional way of worshipping. How did that affect you in your own practice?

W: Well, everybody hits their resistance there. I hit my resistance to devotion, because they’re so devotional. I mean I thought I was devotional. But they’re devotional devotional. I mean they had us dancing, bowing, ten, twenty times a day, we were just constantly doing something devotion or ceremonial. If we’re not learning something, we’re going through a process. If you’re not ready to push through some of your personal identity wants in this life, because it’s about becoming aligned with the larger picture of what the divine wants. And when we align with that intention, the divine brings through a different future for you, for yourself. The divine wants to bring healing, divine wants to bring awareness, joy, wealth. The resistance is, “Oh I have to give up myself.” But you don’t have to give up the self, you just have to give up the perception of who you are. And you change into the divine self. That’s the only resistance, you have to give up separation.

B: Yeah. I have always had resistance to the idea of bowing and not really ever investigating what was behind some of the devotional activities I’ve seen and heard of in other cultures and other religions, and yet I have experienced this now personally to know that it is another example of surrender, and of gratitude. That it busts the paradigm, you know.

So, when you went to India, you went through this twenty times bowing a day and all of that and your mind said “Noooo!”  to some of these things, when?

W: They totally exhausted us to the point where we surrender. There’s nothing else to do. There’s nothing else to do but surrender. But then by surrendering, you actually benefit the most. So getting into the practice of surrendering as a discipline, is important when you engage with your divine self. Because you need to be listening in order to hear what the divine is saying. It’s not always a straight forward, like, “you have to do this,” it’s more like you have to listen, like “What am I feeling? What is it that I think I need to do, what is it that the divine wants?” and asking questions.

B: And separating the emotion and the karma, the painful response from yourself, so that you can actually listen to that voice

W. And also the vulnerability of revealing what is true for you in the moment, I think I mentioned it before but at the core, everyone has their wounding. Somehow, at the very core we hold this wounding of we’re not wanted, that we’re ugly or we’re stupid and whatever else is there, all the different layers of what that is. To reveal that, and not resist it. So if we’re not acknowledging that, we’re resisting it. If we feel it is there, and we are denying it, then we are creating separation from ourselves. But if we acknowledge it, the divine is right there with us. So it’s a constant “revealing ourselves to the divine, acknowledging this is what I’m going through. “

B: And I suppose there is maybe a comparable to just feeling like you’re naked, even to yourself. Because I think we spend a lot of time in denial or avoidance of actually listening.

W. The great thing is, the divine is unconditionally loving us. All the time. So the minute we reveal ourselves, and are open, it’s right there.

B: Something that I think here in the United States we take for granted is the conditioning of a place. So for example, you were in India, and the spiritual energy was thick. And of course they’re all there to assist in the opening and awakening everybody who was attending the Oneness University. But there probably has been a deep conditioning of that area, and here we don’t have that concept. I think, and from what I see from your classes, and also in some of the deeksha events, is that there is that feeling of this collection of energy that is all drawn together. And I think that’s part of this devotional  aspect.

W. The power of prayers, especially group prayers, is amazing.

B: I like to see it as an imaginary cathedral, or like a pop-up cathedral. All of a sudden you’ve got this great place where everybody is sort of seeing the same thing. But then even taking that and saying, within a day, can I have a popup cathedral, in the corner of my apartment, or in my car, or even the restroom. I need to be reminded because I’m feeling so alone, I can go to it. A lot of us don’t even know that it can go deeper. We are skimming a superficial experience in many ways even in our spiritual pursuits. Not knowing, that it can be so exalted.

B: If there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground, what is yours? Will you pause to meditate? To pray? Or to clear space in your home for the divine? Our lives are so busy, there isn’t time for ourselves. But, isn’t that what the relationship with the divine is all about?

This podcast is one in a series of exploring how you can deepen your personal relationship with the divine and find peace within what is. For more information on Walker Whelan, go to Or go to, to learn about awakening your devotional practice through Oneness University.

With gratitude, the Bonnie Lama Podcast offers thoughtful conversations and personal discoveries to those who are in search of healing.

27 Sep 2014
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My Healing Path: Episode 2 – Receiving

This episode is part of a series of podcasts with Walker Whelan and host Bonnie Neer on ‘The Bonnie Lama Podcast Series’, which explore how to deepen your personal relationship with the Divine, and find peace in what is.





Where the east meets the west. Where the sun rises, and sets. There is a place, only your heart knows. The Bonnie Lama presents a series on your Personal Divine.

B: Rumi wrote, “Your task is not to seek for love. But merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you’ve built against it.” What are the barriers that keep us from receiving and trusting divine love? And why are they there? It’s overwhelming to experience unconditional love, to merge only if for a moment in it. But to allow ourselves to receive and trust this love, it requires us to surrender to our own intimate experience. Here with me today is Walker Whelan, an energetic healer and seer, who will share his own spiritual journey, learning how to trust, and receive divine presence.

B: I noticed that, receiving in my own life has been a challenge. You know I was a mom and everything, and I gave and gave, and gave and gave. Then felt, longingly, like I wish somebody would give to me. But I didn’t see how I felt so uncomfortable when I received.

W: And that’s the important thing to recognize, that people feel powerless when it comes to receiving. I think part of receiving, being bold and receiving, constantly surrendering, not just surrendering every once in a while but surrendering all the time. If you surrender to the divine, you’re gonna transform.

B: And if you do it boldly, what does that feel like? I mean is that sort of groundedness where you know nothing can take you down? Or is it a …..

W: It’s a certainty that, over time, becomes bold.

B: Ah.

W: Certainty with the alchemical process of dissolving the self. So you dissolve yourself when you merge with the divine. But the self becomes the divine self, so you never actually lose your self, you lose the small self.

B: And maybe, increase the divine experience in the moment

W: You may explain a little more about the divine because there’s a misconception, huge misconception, about the divine. So there’s the divine outside of you, there’s the divine inside of you, you already have a connection to the divine, you just haven’t developed the communication with it. So everybody has it, everybody has the divine aspect. When you connect to the divine outside of you, you’re moving to expand that divine self. There’s greater expansion and greater depth and liberated divine outside of you, until you’re god realized and liberated. That’s the progression. So, you always move to the next level of the divine outside of you.

I was very angry at Creator. I used to call the Divine Creator. And that experience I had was kind of like this love hate experience. I would get very angry when things weren’t going well. And I would blame the Creator, because that’s what I thought the source of it was. When I developed the relationship with the Divine, I realized, I mean it’s the same thing, Creator or Divine, it’s the same thing, just different words. I needed to change the word because I was moving to a different level. So the different level was the feeling that the divine is always working for me, that it always has my best interest in mind. And I began to trust that, then I began to know that that is the truth. So the separation and the duality consciousness is an animal, it’s an animal onto itself, it’s an unconscious animal. We are all wrapped up in this game, of being unconscious. It’s a totally different experience when you move into Divine.

B: I like how you were calling the Divine Creator, but when you started to think of it differently you heard different words and you realize “I have a different association with that, the word means something different to me.” And like you said, “I can move up into that level of understanding now, that I somehow in my subconscious thinking had the other name, that Creator, limited.” And, how many of us do that all the time! I mean, we have these little associations that we can’t see. Now, you have such a kind voice. You sound so much like a caring man, and I wonder if other people who listen to this might agree. And yet, did you talk to yourself like that in a kind and caring way in your earlier life time?

W: I moved through a lot of emotional release when I was first becoming more aware. As I was moving into all the deep seated pain and I didn’t have the Liberations to assist me in that process, so I was doing it from a very direct way and using the fire of alchemy, which is just cutting and removing.

B: And confrontational?

W: Yeah, and using truth and directness. Truth can actually can progress you very fast and very far, but the divine progresses you much faster and much farther.

B: And so the more confrontational approach was a little harsher? You know like the inner dialogue

W: Without Liberations, it’s a rough road. It’s the red road.

B: Of blood.

W: Bloody red road. – laugh

B: I feel like that’s where it seems to be saying “Now there’s this way,” and you can experience me differently. Which is much more loving, and much more compassionate, and not as fierce. And that’s why I brought that up. I think all of us need to recognize inside ourselves there’s archaic thought processes even in regards to our Divine, and we chastise ourselves and yet this new process is so kind and gentle and smooth, it makes it a loving ride.

W: I remember when I was talking to my Divine, or what I called Creator at the time, when I would get really angry, and the response that it would have would be so compassionate, and full of presence, like I was really being heard, and it was always listening. It’s good to talk to your own divine self. Develop a relationship. That brings you deeper into your own process.

B: Often, I’ve seen writing that says “Bring the Divine into your day.” Into your morning, greet the day. Involve your thoughts with the Divine. But I really, when I heard that in the past, I didn’t go very deep with that, I just made some quick assumptions and moved on. But what I found even as I was telling you that I went on this trip, and the Divine came with me, it was a little crowded when we didn’t have an extra seat but what I found was that my experience of traveling, I didn’t feel vulnerable when I didn’t know what airport I was in, you know, not been to that one and not knowing how to get around. I didn’t get concerned about, if I find a taxi. There were all these funny little things that I would consult, and I almost feel like I was looking through the Divine’s eyes as I was walking through the airport. And that was really different. And I began to say oh! Maybe that, you know when they say “bring the Divine into your morning,” that’s what it really meant. And I realize that I’ve had some superficial assumptions about those messages in the past.

W: It’s interesting, I used to get really angry about being lost and blaming Creator. Now it’s just like, okay, I’m lost, and I’ll be found soon. I might as well just enjoy the process.

B: I love it.

W: There’s a calmer approach. Doesn’t mean I don’t have anxiety or anger about things, I still get angry…..

B: Or that you don’t get lost

W: Yeah, it’s that I experience it differently.

B: Yeah, and that’s kind of what I was describing too, where I didn’t get angry in the past, I would get anxious, unless I was traveling with somebody, then I would rely on them to help me find the way. And this was the first time I really felt, well I don’t know if I would use the word “bold” like you used earlier, but much more of a certainty.

Bold certainty. Is that how you would describe your personal relationship with Divine? to receive and trust Divine, asks us to surrender to unconditional love and presence in our lives. To trust it, and receive. To melt our resistance to the experience. I hope you will continue to join me, and go deeper into our exploration in the sharing of Divine Experience.

For more information on Walker Whelan, go to This podcast is one in a series exploring how to deepen your personal relationship with the Divine, and find peace in what is. With gratitude, the Bonnie Lama podcast offers thoughtful conversations and personal discoveries to those who are in search of healing.

11 Sep 2014
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My Healing Path: A Series of Podcasts – Episode 1

For the next three weeks join Walker Whelan and host Bonnie Neer on ‘The Bonnie Lama Podcast Series’, a podcast exploring how to deepen your personal relationship with the Divine, and find peace in what is.





Where the east meets the west. Where the sun rises, and sets. There is a place, only your heart knows. The Bonnie Lama presents a series on your Personal Divine.

B: Hi, Thanks for joining me. I’m Bonnie, bringing you a series on your personal Divine. Each of us have our own path, with our own story of healing, healing our bodies, our minds, and our spirit. But what is the path that leads to becoming a healer? Is it different? Here with me today is Walker Whelan. An energetic healer and seer, who will share his personal story of healing, and of deeksha. The hands-on transfer of divine energy, deeksha is intended to heal, release fear, quiet the mind, and expand heart centered consciousness. It is otherwise known as a blessing.

In the Greek myth, there is a character called Chiron, the wounded healer. Most well known, he said “Healer, heal thyself.” So Walker, as a healer and a seer, you undoubtedly have had a path, and I wonder if you could share with us how you found yourself being guided and walking toward healing yourself and as a healer.

W: Now the early days I was a carpenter, and I had no idea I was going to have this path. Basically I got injured and I had to take on this path for my own survival.

B: Really?

W: My experience was one of being very separate from the divine and having a health crisis. That brought me to healing on an energetic level, starting with meditation and yoga, acupuncture, changing my diet, becoming a massage therapist, I got more into healing work, energetic healing work, different modalities, really shifted my whole paradigm to more of health consciousness. Then I got into deeksha, opening up that gateway into the infinite. And a sense of joy, in a deeper experience of the divine, which I wasn’t feeling in my energetic work. The experience I had with the deeksha is the brain actually has a physical shift, frontal lobes open up, and that creates more of a connection with oneness, so you feel connected all the time, and the parietal lobes closing down, deals with releasing fear, so the fear is separation. And the kundalini also gets activated which is an electromagnetic energy that unifies the chakra system and unifies the meridians. It’s a very healing energy, once the kundalini is activated, there’s no going back.

B. Right. So you actually, you do sessions with people, individually, and you’ve got these Friday deekshas that are open to the public. Now, what exactly happens in a deeksha?

W: When they place the hands on the head, the transmission comes through, and that goes right into the person and it gives that person an experience of divine energy. It’s very powerful work.

B. Ah, right.

W: My deeksha circle is different, I do an Ananda Mandala which is a breathing exercise, then I move into giving deeksha. Any deeksha giver that is present will get (or give?) the deeksha. And, in my opinion all deeksha is good, I haven’t had a bad deeksha yet. Then after that we do some devotional dance, which is dancing your own divine self, this brings in that joy and freedom aspect and a great way to integrate.

B: So after this session of deeksha then everybody is in this incredible joyful state and they get a chance to move. Why do you do the devotional dance?

W: The devotional dance is a great way for the divine to express itself.

B: In your body?

W: Um-hmm. Through movement, connecting with yourself.

B: Ah, so it’s more inner work.

W: Yeah, it’s great to integrate the experience through movement.

B. How did the deeksha affect you as a healer?

W: It’s been quite a journey. And as a healer and a seer, being able to see and understand things psychically, it’s just been one amazing advancement after another. When I look at divine, it’s everywhere. It’s even in the self. Even in the separation, infused into the identity, infused into everyone really. So this is taking it and creating more of a full experience. And that full experience creates infinite possibilities.

B: Well you don’t have to be a healer to find yourself having to heal physically, emotionally or spiritually. What would life be like if you didn’t feel separate and alone? We are so used to feeling anxiety, it’s hard to imagine a life without it.

This podcast is one in a series exploring how to deepen your personal relationship with the divine, and find peace with what is. For more information on Walker Whelan, go to And to learn more about deeksha, go to

With gratitude, the Bonnie Lama podcast offers thoughtful conversations and personal discoveries to those who are in search of healing.