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Call us: +1 415 713 5107
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Mystical Empowerment Training for Ascension

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The Alchemy of Ormus Miraculous

bio imageWalker Whelan

Walker Whelan is a Oneness Movement Advanced Trainer, Alchemical Life Coach, teacher at the Foundation for Spiritual Development, and the founder of Sacred Alliance. Walker’s approach to healing has a unique way of finding and clearing imbalances, removing issues and layers of conditioning and bringing his clients back into to harmony. This allows them to be present, release karma and resolve emotional situations that may seem hopeless.

Walker is certified in Massage and Hypnotherapy. He has studied with well-known healers in Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, The DNA of Healing and homeopathy. He was initiated to be a Blessing Giver at Oneness University in India in 2006. All of this gives him a well-rounded understanding of how the system of healing occurs. Walker offers private sessions in person or by phone.


  • Before I attended Walker's class, I had been struggling with taking my next step, the energy felt stuck and I wasn't able to pinpoint what was going on.  I  was using my tools, however it felt like things were moving so slow. In addition to starting Walker's class I also began taking the Ormus on a daily basis.  Over the last 3 weeks, things have begun to accelerate and I can feel layers falling away more effortlessly.  I am now letting go with so much more ease.  The tools I have learned and am integrating are exactly what I have been asking for from the Universe!  It feels like the perfect tools for the perfect time for my transformation of becoming who I know myself to be in this body.  I sense my awareness is expanding rapidly.   If you are ready to accelerate your growth, allow things to fall away effortlessly, and begin the experience of living the inner connection of oneness with nature.  I highly recommend Walker class.

  • I have tried and taken Ormus from other Ormusists and my favorite by far is Ormus Miraculous made by Walker and Riikka. It is the cleanest, purest and the highest vibrational form of Ormus that I have tried. I know Walker has the upmost integrity with everything that he does including producing the highest quality Ormus as an Ascension tool. When I first started using Ormus Miraculous I immediately entered a very high and stable meditative state without any effort on my behalf. I became aware of changes in my cellular and DNA level, they were being cleared out activated to a higher state of being. I was able to very easily connect with higher levels of myself and the Ormus Miraculous made it possible to maintain these states throughout the day. I totally recommend Ormus Miraculous it really is totally miraculous.  

    Aine Carlisle, Sausalito, CA
  • Anna & I are quite taken with Ormus Miraculous Supreme – which, of course, is an understatement, as in mere words it is not easy to sum up the subtle benefits of your supplement. Especially in our present situation, i.e. regarding my wife’s current health issues, we are confident that O.M. is of very real assistance, both psychologically & physically – though in the latter case more inexplicably so. But also in as far as the illusive spiritual aspect is concerned, Ormus Miraculous is indeed most uplifting - which again defies adequate wording, as does any supernormal experience, for that matter. So if you wish, please by all means regard our sincere humble ‘opinion’ as a testimonial to the aforesaid beneficial qualities of O.M.. We trust that other folks will find their way to dis-covering the inestimable, but unquestionable subtle benefits of Ormus Miraculous Supreme. Speaking as a musician, I certainly appreciate its gentle supportive influence,too. (It wouldn’t hurt some of those heavier metal rockers to try O.M. either!!! Listen to me guys). Our very best wishes to you both, from me  

    Tony Sheridan, & also from Anna