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Call us: +1 415 713 5107

Why is unconditional joy something we can’t live without?

Why is unconditional joy something we can’t live without? Put simply joy is a fundamental need we cannot be without, psychologically, physiologically and spiritually. The component of joy is what keeps knowledge and power in balance. Without joy, knowledge and power become competitive and controlling. How does unconditional joy effect the human experience? The average human condition repels suffering and desires or craves pleasure. The embodiment of unconditional joy as the divine, allows the individual to be with what is, in the moment. This is adding pleasure to suffering. This is a progressive merging with your own divine self. The more the divine become manifest the less pain there is. It is as if the suffering is being consumed from within.  Those that are receiving the god code liberations are becoming full of joy as a permanent divine experience. This ability to transfer liberations started for me in india April 2013 and has become part of  my classes and continues to get stronger as I devote myself to this service.

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