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The Most Supreme Attributes of the Divine Emanations

The Supreme Attributes of the Divine Emanations is a template that resides within all of us. This template represents what we are and the potential of what we can become. This aspect of the Divine Self emanates in all aspects of creation; it is complete unto itself, and cannot be distorted or changed. The Divine Attributes of the Supreme consciousness can be embodied throughout every aspect of yourself. The embodiment of this template would resolve all suffering automatically. According to Kabbalah it is the balanced tree of life and it has been with us from the very start. The Supreme Divine can also manifest as extracts and distortions that we call duality or ego.

It seems that we are all programmed to look outside ourselves for the answers to our problems and though some answers can be found outside all the answers are within us.  For me, this is not just an intellectual understanding, but a proven experience. The Divine emanations of the Supreme are an integral part of creation and are part of our personal Divine Self. The Divine loves you without condition and lives only for you and your happiness. This template has been with you from the start and will be with you until the end. There are so many gifts within this part of you, and for each person the gifts are different.

To embody the Supreme Emanations of your Divine it takes skillful navigation, diligent focus and the intention to move towards it.  What is required of you is great surrender and strength in order to bring about this manifestation. This is an acquired skill, and can be easily learned. The Divine becomes your greatest Self-manifested, and it is up to you to choose it, not only for yourself, but for the greater good of humanity.

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