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setting an intention with ormus

by Walker Whelan The Plasma Queen and the Green Lion

The ormus holds a vibration that activates our cells and brings us into an elevated state. This state when ingesting ormus regularly is progressive. The benefits of reaching a vibration outside the parameters of considered “normal” is quickly becoming a new kind of “gold rush”. What I mean by this is is that the pitfalls and energies that would normally take us down into an (emotional roller coasters of experience) can be bypassed or avoided all together. This does not mean that you would not have ups-and-downs, it means that ormus smoothes things out and the ride becomes more enjoyable. On a physical level the mono-atomics of non-metals or metals that are in-between the form of metal and liquid are attracted to all part of the endocrine system activating and balancing our hormones.

Ormus inhances our relationship with the Divine and will naturally increase one’s speed of progression. I would like to share with you one of the most important concepts or abilities that I use in my healing work. Reaching into the vast and Infinite potential is a skill that one can use on a daily basis. The tool that I’m referring to is called “Windows” and can easily be done by anyone from any level of skill. The divine responds or is accessed through a code of language. In my experience this code is not fully understood but all great healers are using it. The most successful way to access the divine that I have found is by imagining an outcome and posing it as a question. If I was more connected to my divine potential, who would I be? The question creates an immediate response to the divine, activating multiple gateways, energies and possibilities simultaneously. The trick to this process is to build trust and to be able to hold one’s intent or will to a single thought or question long enough to receive the gift. Once windows are understood you can begin to be more creative with the question, for instance if I access my potential I want to be more clear in that creation. For example “Who would I be without the separation from my greatest potential?” or “What if achieving my greatest potential was a non-issue for me?” This would remove all the blocks keeping me from accessing this power. And to take it a step further “Who would I be without the limited beliefs and memories that separate me from my greatest potential?”

Ormus opens up “windows” naturally when it comes into contact with something or someone that needs “light”. Ormus is an access point to the infinite vacuum of light. This means that you are ingesting an infinite source of energy that will integrate into your DNA. This process of ingesting ormus has been traced back to many traditions relating to spiritual and physical progression.

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