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The Secret To Youth

home-slide2Product B
1) Increased clarity and brain power, cognition and memory, better mental focus, and increased inner peace
2) Increased endurance, energy, and strength, with some claiming up to 25% more;
3) Major relief from chronic pain and inflammation and joint pain, which seems quite dramatic;
4) Skin changes, including the reversal of liver spots on the hands;
5) Hair and nail growth, with some accounts of hair darkening;
6) Reversal of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms;
7) Improved digestion and bowel function (Apparently the lining in the small and large intestines, which is generally very regenerative is quite improved with Product B.)
8. Consistent pattern of reduced blood sugars toward normal
9. A consistent improvement in the depth and quality of sleep

Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Rabbi, MD, MD (H), DD, Dip. American Board of Holistic Medicine, Dip. Ayurveda) – also a good friend of Steve’s Uncle Jason
In my forty years of clinical experience, working with a variety of products, nutraceuticals , supplements, herbs, and a variety of technologies, I have never seen or experienced anything like Product B. It appears to be truly the breakthrough into a new era. Research has been done throughout the world for centuries to find the secret of youth. Product B represents what may be that secret to youth. I like to call it Product Brilliant. This addresses the rebuilding of the foundation of our physical existence.; being in loving relationships; and living productively and fastidiously), slows telomere shortening. These lifestyle practices do not, however, reverse telomere shortening, but by slowing the shortening we are able to prolong longer qualities of extraordinary, enduring, radiant health.
Product B works on a different principle. It appears to reverse telomere shortening. This is the breakthrough. It is in this way it is the fountain of youth in a capsule.
In the research I’ve seen, Product B has been shown to specifically increase the length of the shortened telomeres, which can happen quickly. In vitro, this may happen in less than 24 hours. Remarkably, within a few weeks, or even a day or two people seem to have dramatically positive rejuvenative responses to Product B. It doesn’t increase the overall average length of the telomeres in one year. Instead it increases the average length of the shorter telomeres, which are most needed to bring the cells back into healthy function. It is only when a telomere is short that it moves into dysfunctional gene expression and therefore aging.
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