Call us: +1 415 713 5107
Call us: +1 415 713 5107

Free Healing Night

A general outline for this event includes:


How to Bring Grace and liberation to the influences that bind your Creations. Improve your ability to become a permanent connection to the divine.


¨ How to remove suffering and therefore heal your core wounds.

This is the ability to make corrections.

¨ Opening windows and doors for liberation and progression

¨ Bringing your wealth aligned creations into present time and removing the blocks that keep you from them.

¨ How to clear karma, hexes, binding contracts, and DNA distortions traced back to their original inception.

¨ How to maintain balance and thrive in your intimate relationships.

¨ Aligning your creations and manifesting your most aligned partner.

¨ Enhancing protein synthesis and the cellular function (12 strand DNA 64 codon activation).

¨ Kundalini breath activating the internal seeker.

¨ The ability to access divine templates for your Protection.

¨ The understanding of how to clear issues and layers of conditioning.


We all have areas in our lives that create challenge. Who would we be without these issues? I may ask myself am I committed to self-discovery and my full potential? Just asking the questions opens up infinite possibilities.


Walker Whelan is an Alchemist life Coach. He has a unique way of finding imbalances and bringing his clients back to harmony. This allows them to be present, releasing karma and outstanding emotions that may seem hopeless. He uses homeopathy in combination with past life clearing and energetic transference to restore life force. Walker is certified in Massage and Hypnotherapy. He is a teacher at the Foundation for Spiritual Development in San Rafael, CA and has studied with the well-known healers Richard Bartlett, Kam Yuen, Margaret Ruby and Rajan Sankaran. He was initiated in India 2006 to be a Blessing Giver. All these modalities give him a well-rounded understanding of how the system of healing occurs. He has integrated a transformational understanding of alchemy and produces a miraculous substance called ORMUS. ORMUS can open up infinite possibilities with minimum effort unifying the physical with the metaphysical in each person. Walker is Marin based and is currently initiating true seekers into the transformational understandings of alchemy. Walker offers one-on-one sessions in person or by phone. He also teaches courses for everyone to learn how to increase awareness for health, wealth and happiness.

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