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The Essence of All Vedic Teaching

Awakening stages of God Realization


1 Christian awakening The head is silenced and the heart awakens into

unconditional love

2 Taoist awakening into flow

3 Islamic awakening into surrender

4 Buddhist awakening into neutrality no views or cravings

5 Hindu awakening of the senses.


Dimensions of Awakening


Realms of the original light OM SAT CHIT ANANDA


the GOD of GODS PARABRAHMA The God realization realms called (BRAHMAN, VAIKUNT and JYOTI)


The original light becomes PURUSHOTTMA


Purushottma becomes PARAMATMA


Paramatma creates the AVATAR


Divine that makes it Physical BHAGAVATI SAMETA BHAGAVATE


The Essence of All Vedic Teaching

The chant as Revealed by Adishankara 1600 years ago. Each verse ending with SHIVA KEVALOHAM (I am the form of all auspiciousness).



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