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Call us: +1 415 713 5107

Deeksha Music

1) Snatam Kaur/ Navajo Invocation

2) Peter Kater and Snatam Kaur/ Carry Me

3) Peter Kater and Snatam Kaur/ Heart of The Universe

4) Mercedes Bahleda/ Domine Fil Unigenite

5) Mercedes Bahleda/ Ave Maria

6) Mercedes Bahleda/ Kali Durga

7) Lauren Monroe/ Oneness Chant

8) Oneness Music/ Sacred Temple Chant

9)Oneness Music/ The Sacred Surrender

10) Oneness Music/ Amma Chant

11) Oneness Music/ Liberation Sutra

12) Snatam Kaur/ By Thy Grace

13) Peter Kater and Snatam Kaur/ Just To Know You

14) Snatam Kaur/ Paramaysareh (Transcendent Lord)

15) Snatam Kaur/ Long Time Sun

16) Snatam Kaur/ Anan Bliss

17) Peter Kater and Snatam Kaur/ Song of Your Heart

18) Ashana/ Into Your Arms

19) Snatam Kaur/ Ek Ong Kaar

20) Snatam Kaur/ Servant Of Peace

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