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Call us: +1 415 713 5107
22 Nov 2013
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The Most Supreme Attributes of the Divine Emanations

The Supreme Attributes of the Divine Emanations is a template that resides within all of us. This template represents what we are and the potential of what we can become. This aspect of the Divine Self emanates in all aspects of creation; it is complete unto itself, and cannot be distorted or changed. The Divine Attributes of the Supreme consciousness can be embodied throughout every aspect of yourself. The embodiment of this template would resolve all suffering automatically. According to Kabbalah it is the balanced tree of life and it has been with us from the very start. The Supreme Divine can also manifest as extracts and distortions that we call duality or ego.

It seems that we are all programmed to look outside ourselves for the answers to our problems and though some answers can be found outside all the answers are within us.  For me, this is not just an intellectual understanding, but a proven experience. The Divine emanations of the Supreme are an integral part of creation and are part of our personal Divine Self. The Divine loves you without condition and lives only for you and your happiness. This template has been with you from the start and will be with you until the end. There are so many gifts within this part of you, and for each person the gifts are different.

To embody the Supreme Emanations of your Divine it takes skillful navigation, diligent focus and the intention to move towards it.  What is required of you is great surrender and strength in order to bring about this manifestation. This is an acquired skill, and can be easily learned. The Divine becomes your greatest Self-manifested, and it is up to you to choose it, not only for yourself, but for the greater good of humanity.

07 Sep 2013
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Protandim For Life

A lifevantage Supplement
The amazing thing about protandim is that it stimulates your body to be more efficient. Protandim is called an “Nrf2 activator”and is said to be the “only supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress in humans by an average of 40 percent in 30 days.” That’s fancy talk that basically means that Protandim is a type of antioxidant supplement. Unlike other products however, Protandim is said to work by helping the body increase its own natural antioxidant enzymes.

What is Protandim

Protandim might sound like a drug but it’s really a dietary supplement that is said to combat free radical damage (oxidative stress) by stimulating the production of the body’s own natural antioxidant enzymes such as catalase, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione. So, instead of taking individual antioxidant supplements (like vitamins C, E, etc.) in the hopes that they will battle free radicals and combat aging and disease, Protandim is supposed to ramp up your own naturally occurring free radical defenses.

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03 Sep 2013
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The Secret To Youth

home-slide2Product B
1) Increased clarity and brain power, cognition and memory, better mental focus, and increased inner peace
2) Increased endurance, energy, and strength, with some claiming up to 25% more;
3) Major relief from chronic pain and inflammation and joint pain, which seems quite dramatic;
4) Skin changes, including the reversal of liver spots on the hands;
5) Hair and nail growth, with some accounts of hair darkening;
6) Reversal of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms;
7) Improved digestion and bowel function (Apparently the lining in the small and large intestines, which is generally very regenerative is quite improved with Product B.)
8. Consistent pattern of reduced blood sugars toward normal
9. A consistent improvement in the depth and quality of sleep

Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Rabbi, MD, MD (H), DD, Dip. American Board of Holistic Medicine, Dip. Ayurveda) – also a good friend of Steve’s Uncle Jason
In my forty years of clinical experience, working with a variety of products, nutraceuticals , supplements, herbs, and a variety of technologies, I have never seen or experienced anything like Product B. It appears to be truly the breakthrough into a new era. Research has been done throughout the world for centuries to find the secret of youth. Product B represents what may be that secret to youth. I like to call it Product Brilliant. This addresses the rebuilding of the foundation of our physical existence.; being in loving relationships; and living productively and fastidiously), slows telomere shortening. These lifestyle practices do not, however, reverse telomere shortening, but by slowing the shortening we are able to prolong longer qualities of extraordinary, enduring, radiant health.
Product B works on a different principle. It appears to reverse telomere shortening. This is the breakthrough. It is in this way it is the fountain of youth in a capsule.
In the research I’ve seen, Product B has been shown to specifically increase the length of the shortened telomeres, which can happen quickly. In vitro, this may happen in less than 24 hours. Remarkably, within a few weeks, or even a day or two people seem to have dramatically positive rejuvenative responses to Product B. It doesn’t increase the overall average length of the telomeres in one year. Instead it increases the average length of the shorter telomeres, which are most needed to bring the cells back into healthy function. It is only when a telomere is short that it moves into dysfunctional gene expression and therefore aging.
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23 Jul 2013
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Free Healing Night

A general outline for this event includes:


How to Bring Grace and liberation to the influences that bind your Creations. Improve your ability to become a permanent connection to the divine.


¨ How to remove suffering and therefore heal your core wounds.

This is the ability to make corrections.

¨ Opening windows and doors for liberation and progression

¨ Bringing your wealth aligned creations into present time and removing the blocks that keep you from them.

¨ How to clear karma, hexes, binding contracts, and DNA distortions traced back to their original inception.

¨ How to maintain balance and thrive in your intimate relationships.

¨ Aligning your creations and manifesting your most aligned partner.

¨ Enhancing protein synthesis and the cellular function (12 strand DNA 64 codon activation).

¨ Kundalini breath activating the internal seeker.

¨ The ability to access divine templates for your Protection.

¨ The understanding of how to clear issues and layers of conditioning.


We all have areas in our lives that create challenge. Who would we be without these issues? I may ask myself am I committed to self-discovery and my full potential? Just asking the questions opens up infinite possibilities.


Walker Whelan is an Alchemist life Coach. He has a unique way of finding imbalances and bringing his clients back to harmony. This allows them to be present, releasing karma and outstanding emotions that may seem hopeless. He uses homeopathy in combination with past life clearing and energetic transference to restore life force. Walker is certified in Massage and Hypnotherapy. He is a teacher at the Foundation for Spiritual Development in San Rafael, CA and has studied with the well-known healers Richard Bartlett, Kam Yuen, Margaret Ruby and Rajan Sankaran. He was initiated in India 2006 to be a Blessing Giver. All these modalities give him a well-rounded understanding of how the system of healing occurs. He has integrated a transformational understanding of alchemy and produces a miraculous substance called ORMUS. ORMUS can open up infinite possibilities with minimum effort unifying the physical with the metaphysical in each person. Walker is Marin based and is currently initiating true seekers into the transformational understandings of alchemy. Walker offers one-on-one sessions in person or by phone. He also teaches courses for everyone to learn how to increase awareness for health, wealth and happiness.