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The Focal Point of the Complete Liberated State With the Mono-atomic Amalgam of the Tempered Nine.

Below is a template of the mono-atomic amalgam and how thenon-metals interact with the amino acids of our organic system.The interaction of noble metals with the basic amino acids will create more efficiency. In my opinion the wet method of alchemy is a lower concentration of the noble non-metalscompared to the dry method of alchemy that dissolves the metals themselves into a reusable substance of mono-atomic powder.
Mercury is the Amalgam that unites the other 8 Mono-Atomicnoble non-metals. Ormus is called non-metals because they change in molecular form and function when they become a single atom.

  • Gold, Ruthenium/Niobium A (adenine)

  • Platinum, Palladium/Ruthenium G/U (guanine)

  • Osmium, Silver/Mercury C (cytosine)

  • Iridium, Rhodium/Rhenium T (Thymine)

I have Only just begun my process of understanding the ninenobles by dissolving one of them into liquid. The end result of my actions will be what alchemists call the white lion. The white lion is converting gold into mono-atomic white gold. During this process I've undergone an alchemical shift in my awareness that brought me to the amalgam of the tempered nine. I'm still in the discovery of understanding what it is, and what it does. What I'm sensing is that it will increase the endocrine system and all systems on every level. I also have mentioned previously the enzyme telomerase that becomes active with ORMUS, and its ability to re-create telomere. The amino acid combination (TTAGGG) as telomere is lengthened in each cell and so is the life-span of the individual. The tempered nine is the combination of nine noble mono-atomics acting as one single consciousness. This template will take longevity to another level. That level is so far unknown to me, but what I do know is that the faster the vibration spins the easier things seem to get.

The concept and understanding of the assemblage point is important to know. So what is the assemblage point? The assemblage point is the focal point of consciousness that we perceive and create from. When doing the activation of God code I'm working with an aspect of creator that moves the assemblage point into a new center. This is also true for the complete state of liberation. The complete state of liberation is the focal point of consciousness that exists on all octave levels. This point resides on the midline and is the solution to many problems. It is, in itself complete, and will cancel out any and all corruption upon contact. I know this is a bold statement, and to the best of my ability and perception this is what I experience.This focal point exists on each octave and sub-octave moving from the highest alkalinity of creation to the lowest acidity of digestion. There is also a small range within this focal point for several possibilities of consciousness. The one I want address today has to do with the 64 codon/God code activation and the mono-atomic amalgam of nine. Those of you that have already received the God code activation most likely have not yet moved into the permanent liberated state. This is yet to come. It is only just recently that I become aware of this focal point of permanent liberation. What I have experienced so far with this liberation is a feeling of emptiness, bliss and stillness. What arises out of that empty and still place is deliberate action. With this action comes a deep state of knowing. Also past lives,charges, miasma and other distortions seem to vanish instantly without effort.

The Plasma Queen and the Green Lion

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