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Call us: +1 415 713 5107


Walker Whelan

Walker Whelan is a Oneness Movement Advanced Trainer, Alchemical Life Coach, teacher at the Foundation for Spiritual Development, and the founder of Sacred Alliance. Walker’s approach to healing has a unique way of finding and clearing imbalances, removing issues and layers of conditioning and bringing his clients back into to harmony. This allows them to be present, release karma and resolve emotional situations that may seem hopeless.

Walker is certified in Massage and Hypnotherapy. He has studied with well-known healers in Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, The DNA of Healing and homeopathy. He was initiated to be a Blessing Giver at Oneness University in India in 2006. All of this gives him a well-rounded understanding of how the system of healing occurs. Walker offers private sessions in person or by phone.

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